Irish Reds


2018/19 Season

Standings after Brighton on 25-Aug-2018

Pos.Mem No.NameTotal
1st013Thomas McGauley19
2nd014Llyod Murray19
3rd001Anto Grendon17
4th003Simon Mooney17
5th019Ian Armstrong17
6th021Ger Doyle17
7th046Mark Kearns16
8th055Paul Egan16
9th004Sinéad Mooney15
10th016Barry McAuley15
11th020Mark Dowling15
12th017Emma Jane Healy14
13th018Conor Creegan13
14th033Mark Dalton13
15th002Tom O'Reilly12
16th011Shay Kearns12
17th012Alan McMahon12
18th025Joe O'Dea12
19th026Vera O'Dea12
20th037Michael Noonan12
21st039Evan Pender12
22nd040Sean Noonan12
23rd056Carly Egan11
24th057Rian Egan11
25th032Les Martin9
26th034Alan Burke9
27th041David Hennessy9
28th044Warren Healy9
29th047Callum Kearns9
30th050Paul Rafferty9
31st051Kathleen Rafferty9
32nd054Philip Purtell9
33rd060Ella Kearns9
34th067Billy McGovern9
35th069Craig Byrne9
36th070Clinton Byrne9
37th074Kavin Lawlor9
38th078Janice Kearns9
39th079Graham O'Reilly9
40th081Jennifer Donnellan9
41st099Carl McNamara7
42nd015Paul Kennedy6
43rd027Denise Byrne6
44th030Michele James6
45th031Patrick Furlong6
46th042Michael Kennedy6
47th043Barry Kennedy6
48th045Brian Hanratty 6
49th048Joe Doyle6
50th049Reece Doyle6
51st059Rachel Steevens6
52nd061Anthony malone6
53rd062Ciara Shelly6
54th063John Laurens6
55th064John Gray6
56th066Peter Gibbons6
57th068James Murray6
58th073fabien Fluckiger6
59th075catherine Lawlor6
60th076Julianna Lawless6
61st077Barbara Rankin6
62nd083Evan Weatherup6
63rd085Miriam McAuley6
64th091Stephen Casey6
65th092Daryll Bailey6
66th093Myles Gray6
67th097Jake Boyle6
68th100Eamon O'Gorman6
69th101Sheena Hunter6
70th102Ronan Cotter6
71st005Jonathan Smyth 3
72nd006Liam O'Brien3
73rd022Robert Vahey3
74th023Jack Vahey3
75th024Cono vahey3
76th028Margaret Molloy3
77th029Paddy Dingle3
78th035Colin Armstrong3
79th036Anto Butler3
80th038Deborah Doran3
81st052Bernard Byrne3
82nd053Ian Foran3
83rd058Eddie Kirwan3
84th065Lorraine Gibbons3
85th071Randeep Gill3
86th072Stephen Mackenzie3
87th080Fergus Gray3
88th082Michael Allan3
89th084Arran O'Draghreain3
90th086Anthony O'Reilly3
91st087Luke O'Reilly3
92nd090Rob Gray3
93rd094Darren Fallon3
94th095Philip Shaw 3
95th098Dnaiel Dwyer3
96th103Callum Keyes3
97th104Tony Kerr3
98th105Ciaran Buckley3
99th106Aislign Buckley3
100th107Paul Vince3
101st108John Hannon3
102nd109Paul Hayes 3
103rd110John Stanford3
104th112Daniel Carr3
105th113Kevin Healy 3
106th114Damien Hughes3
107th115Reece Hughes3
108th116Paula Gray3
109th117Eric Harmon3
110th118Lee Behan3
111th119Pearse O'Mahony3
112th120Conor O'Mahony3
113th121Gavin Duffy3
114th088Eoin O'Reilly0
115th089James O'Reilly0
116th111Brian Geraghty0

 Click here for detailed attendance record. 

Points Allocation

The points system for this season will run from August to December and then start afresh and run from January to May. The top 10 people at the end of December and the top 10 people at the end of May will all be put into the draw for the end of season prizes

1pt – Attendance at a category “A” Match (Arsenal, Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Spurs, Everton & Champions League)

2pts – Attendance at a category “B” Match (West Ham, Crystal Palace, Leicester, Southampton, Watford, Newcastle & FA Cup Matches)

3pts – Attendance at a category “C” Match (Brighton, Huddersfield, Cardiff, Fulham, Burnley, Bournemouth, Wolves, Friendly’s & League Cup

4pts – Members who take a match ticket.

5pts – Members who attend club trips or club events/functions.

Members who attend early kick of matches (before 3pm) and mid-week matches will be awarded 1 bonus point for these games regardless of the category.

It is the member’s responsibility to make sure they are marked in for their credits.

You must come to the committee at half time to ensure you are marked in, the committee will not come looking for you and points will not be given after the match day has passed.

When you walk through a storm, Hold your head up high, And don't be afraid of the dark, At the end of the storm, Is a golden sky, And the sweet silver song of a lark, Walk on through the wind, Walk on through the rain, Though your dreams be tossed and blown, Walk on walk on with hope in your heart, And you'll never walk alone, You'll never walk alone, Walk on walk on with hope in your heart, And you'll never walk alone.


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